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The Reunion
The last of the Grandmother's fawns was to be found at the Twin Lakes. Loyalists were nomads, Dee was told, as their herd lands had been seized after the war. Many currently made their home at the Twin Lakes where they were only minimally likely to die from exposure to the elements in summer.
Dee had seen the lakes from her elevated perch at the Sorghum Peaks only weeks before. They were hard to miss, and aptly named. It was easy enough to find her bearings and locate them, though finding the Loyalists proved tougher. It seemed they didn't really want to encounter other fawnlings all that much, and as a smaller nomadic group they were harder to track than the Allied herd. 
It was a long trek under the hot summer sun (or, for Dee, under the simmering summer nights that never quite lost the heat of day), but she finally reached them. Their guards were wary, but eventually let her through. Warrior-like fawnlings, they eventually relented to her pepper of questions and told her a bit
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The Storyteller
Dee had never seen so many fawns in one place.
Evidently there had once been a raid, during the war, where the fawns of the Allied herd had been stolen. Now they were kept at the very heart of the herd, where they could be watched and kept safe with a multitude of guards and soldiers between them any anyone who might wish to bring them harm. 
Gealach's will aside, Dee had never much cared for the taking of fawns in Oakfern. Their parents might be Oathbreakers, but that was an inherited title. What had the parents done directly to deserve losing their baby? Was there anything more devastating?
Dee walked among them, and none seemed concerned. She was just another diminutive doe here. No one looked at her and thought "Fawntaker" like had happened in Glenmore. The Oakfern tunnels didn't make it this far- Windborne had nothing to fear from angry pygmies.
A freckled doe stood with the fawns, most of them captivated by her voice. She was in her prime, but wirey muscles had begun to go s
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The Recluse
Dee's first stop was, of course, The Sorghum Peaks. When the dun doe mentioned having a son who was a Cape stormcaller that lived on a mountain she had intended to journey to anyway, Dee knew it was fate.
Of course, just because it was meant to be didn't mean it would be easy. Harsh winds sang a song of violence and hardship as they whistled through the cutting bladegrass. This mountain was where all the water on the island was born; forged in ice and not yet softened by its time in the world. Bitter cold streams cut down the mountainside in untouched channels that stung at her throat when she drank despite the clarity of the water. 
Also, the mountain range was LARGE.
There was plenty of room for a recluse to recuse himself from his duties to a herd and the world and simply wander without ever meeting another fawnling again. As, evidently, this stag had.
According to his mother, his name was Djalu. He heard the song of the wind and wove it into great melodies with his magic. He h
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Exchange of Goods and Information
Myrna had restless since her brush with not-even-close-to-death. She hated failing, and realizing that her plans were untenable meant she would never achieve them.
She needed a new project to feed her attention and her time. As a betrothed princess, learning to spar and the finer points of poison (two of her attempted fawnhood pursuits) were rigorously discarded. She had to find a hobby that didn't reflect poorly on her noble husband, which meant something suitable for a princess or something entirely in her mind. 
Since her eyes glazed over when someone mentioned babies or beauty tips, proper princessly pursuits were not going to make the cut.
Today she wandered down to the market with her guards in tow. She wasn't really interested in the goods (who needed to cover themselves in flowers or shiny things that served no purpose other than restricting her movement?) but the gossip. The commoner's gossip was generally more interesting than that of the royals, but she didn't have much
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The Grandmother
Dee woke one morning to a barren, dusty wind blowing across her face and a bony old doe snuggled against her back.
Not wanting to wake her apparent guest, Dee craned her neck around and squinted to get a better look. The doe was a dun, muzzle gone grey with age and not much larger than Dee herself. Dee had fallen asleep in the shelter of a hollowed out tree trunk already scoured smooth by the harsh wind, and it seemed the doe had joined her some time in the night. 
Her peering must have jostled the poor ribby doe, for the dun blinked and her deep breathing hitched. 
"Oh Tamina, I'm sorry, did I drool on you again? Age really does reduce us to babes again, doesn't it?" Milky white eyes fluttered open and looked in Dee's general direction.
"Uhh... My apologies grandmother, I think you've mistaken me for someone else. I'm a Dee and not a Tamina." 
"Oh! Oh dear, I'm sorry. My memory wanders, and my eyes aren't much help either. Tamina is my daughter. I..."
The old doe traile
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Winter Turns To Spring
The old man awoke one morning and the pale doe was gone.
He knew he shouldn't have been surprised. She was as much a wanderer as he was. Everything about her was as ephemeral as a perfect weightless snowflake, inexplicably lingering when the wind should have swept it away.
And yet he'd thought there was something there. A growing warmth, a mutual understanding. A sense of familiarity and belonging. 
An ache set in, deep in his chest where he'd never ached before. A subtle hole that he hadn't realize had been filled was suddenly and painfully empty. 
He stumbled to his feet and followed her hoofprints in the snow until they reached the melting edge and disappeared. Winter dissolved into spring, and the doe dissolved back into the spirit realm or from whencever she'd come.
In the old man's solitary existence, he had never felt so alone.
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The Freeze
Dee ran and ran and ran until she reached the rainforests of aboveground Oakfern. Home, or close enough for comfort.
It was an exhausting journey; weaving in and out of dead-end tunnels, evading guards and patrols, crossing mountains. Luckily on this last point she'd gained quite a bit of expertise. 
Barren pine forests became mud-sludge-snow winter-marshes became treacherous rocky slopes that stank of wet wolves and desperation. The freezing cold gave way to unpleasant damp moist, which finally settled into the oppressive rainforest fog and heat as the last of winter melted away.
She hadn't been finished with her journey in Blackwood before she'd left. She'd only halfway climbed the highest mountain in Blackwood and hadn't even attempted the rest. Gealach had sent her a vision but she hadn't figured out what it meant. The old stag had offered to bring her to a shaman who might be better equipped to untangle obtuse metaphor, but they hadn't gotten around to it before she'd bolted.
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Fight The Darkness
Merabelle stumbled out of the cave into daylight, shaking with relief. To see the sun again, and feel the springy grass beneath her feet! She didn't even fight the temptation to flop down and roll; she threw herself at the ground with abandon. It would be a week before she would get all the twigs out of her volumous mane after this, but she didn't care a lick. Solid ground! Sweet fresh air! Safety!
By the time she recomposed herself and got to her feet, she found Enfys waiting. "You know, if you had just used your magic like I did, it would've made things a whole lot easier" Enfy said.
Merabelle scowled, preparing a retort. She had been using her magic, earth and stone magic! If that wasn't enough, what the hell kind of magic was Enfys using to get through, and how did she expect some random mare she came across to have it as well?
She was distracted from a verbal response by the feather, which detached and drifted ominously to the ground. She'd been trying to pull the damn thing off a
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Protecting The Young
It was a beautiful spring day. Acoya and Chuqui slept in the shade of an embankment, as was the Oakfern way to deal with the searing sun. They would come out at night to collect herbs and graze and sing in the light of the moon.
When they had settled in for their nap, Inti and Quilla had snuggled in with them. But not so, now. Inti had opened his eyes to discover that Quilla had wriggled away, waddle-trotting down to the beach of her own accord.
A more dependent fawn might have bleated to his parents for aid, but not so Inti. He hadn't yet met a problem he couldn't solve himself. He untwined himself from his mother's silky tail and hobble-loped after Quilla. 
She was drawn to the sun. The family knew this, though they didn't know why. The sun burned their sensitive Oakfern eyes and her pale piebald skin. She could hardly see in the best of times; perhaps the extra light of day actually helped her. At any rate, it wasn't unusual to find her slipping away to bask in the glow of that
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Lord Cairn's Baby Ref by bovidaeloony Lord Cairn's Baby Ref :iconbovidaeloony:bovidaeloony 3 0 Ooo by bovidaeloony Ooo :iconbovidaeloony:bovidaeloony 10 16
The Market Gossip And The Nugget of Truth
The Market was rife with gossip.
It was about King Rafe, which was no surprise since the king was very active in the herd and most fawnlings had an opinion of him one way or another. But the gossip was unexpected. They say he'd changed. That the sky king had blessed him. That his rack was unbreakable and harder than stone.
Meander mostly swept it aside. Glenmores gossiped about all sorts of absurd things, and while often rooted in reality there were plenty with no basis in reality. Besides, from what he'd heard, Rafe liked to play up his strength and regality as much as possible.
Meander had hunkered down with his polishing bag- a rough leather bag filled with sand harvested from the northern shore and some choice stones inside in need of polishing. By the Mother, the Glenmores went simply nuts for anything shiny. He tied leather strips around the bag, fastening it shut, and began rolling it around. It took ages to achieve a polish this way, of course, but it had the
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The Western Isles
Current Status: RPs closed, Art Collabs semi-open

Huisha | Old Wizard
Misha | Yearning Commoner
Princess Myrna | Resistant Princess
Officer Aedan | Softy Guard
Lord Cairn | Sulky Lordling
Huishan | Havenite Lazabout

Hekate | Fierce Witch
Anya | Old Shaman
The Old Man | Solitary Sentinel
Meander | Merchant/Spy
Imara | Warrior Transplant

Ember | Badass Babymama

Pippi | Post-War Loyalist Snot
Alshain | Lost Allied Soldier
Quilla | Tiny Nomad Twin
Inti | Tiny Nomad Twin

Coming soon, I swear

Dee | Moon Chaser

Horse Art Roleplaying Game
Ongoing Approved Effort Show

Classic Types
Gormain, Pippin, Blueberry Pie, Strawberry Pie
Saddle Types
Alamar, Virtute

OC Fawnlings
Sequoia OC Fawnling World

King Amber | God-King
King Umber | God-King
Lady Shadetree | Adviser and Rodent Overseer
Bough | Cloister Guard
Pip | Juvenile Delinquent
Wisp | Reluctant Sidekick


:icontokotas: :iconmisaetribe:

Breeding | Sales | Crafting | Totems | Random Events

Alpha || Fangorn
Dominant || Apollo, D'Argo
Average || Snow, Adama, Pippin
Submissive || Logan

Alpha || Akpaksrukti
Dominant || Handsome Lass, Starbuck, Chiana
Average || Yalena, Kaylee, Ygritte,
Shaka, Tanagra, Temba, Jalad, Aeryn, Janeway
Submissive || Darmok


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